eDiscovery Solutions

That’s the power of BloxDB is that it learns from the content by itself. It’s constantly updating itself and learning all of the latest spellings, acronyms, and terms, and mapping those terms to broader concepts.  AI driven database products built on BloxDB essentially use a multi faceted data science approach to text analytics.  The data scientist of the future is software not human, it is a tool-set that self corrects and uses advanced patent pending approaches that are standard in our product.

Leaders in the intelligence community have argued that it’s not the lack of information (tens of thousands of terabytes are gained daily), but the difficulty in analyzing the vast volume of unstructured information available, that’s the challenge we solve for all industries.

BloxDB is a conceptual search tool that’s based on advanced data science technology, which means it can use a phrase, sentence or entire document as the query to find the most relevant information in vast amounts of unstructured information.

What Will BloxDB Discover?