Essential steps in overcoming IT challenges as you move to deploy a hybrid cloud?

Bring your assessment of business requirements and current infrastructure to all relevant stakeholders for input. Infrastructure affects every department in your organization, so go beyond your usual IT decision makers. Reach out to leaders in your financial, marketing, operations and human resources departments and discuss what their top priorities are.

Involving these stakeholders throughout the process will help you define governance, control, design and operational considerations. You should work with them to outline benchmarks assessing progress towards goals that grow the business.

Prepare for a smooth transition

Maximize the potential of your hybrid cloud by employing a structured approach along with industry best practices. Ultimately, you’ll want to take a look at the effect of cloud computing delivery or consumption models on IT governance, organization and service delivery processes. This can help to address challenges such as skills gaps, standardization issues, organizational behavior and governance as part of an overall transformation plan.

  • Planning SLA – Establish governance boards that facilitate the service level and service performance review of suppliers.

  • Model Performance – Adopt a service orientation as a requirement for the ideal state model of your service.

  • Data Access – Refocus your organization and how it functions to leverage high performance cloud and retire data to your office in a waterfall strategy.

  • Horizontal/Vertical Scaling – Adopt a DevOps approach that allows all stakeholders in an organization who develop, operate or benefit from the software systems (including customers, suppliers and partners) to apply agile and lean thinking.

  • Boost Efficiency – Assessing your current infrastructure’s strengths, weaknesses and readiness.

  • Any number of devices – Developing a strategy to successfully implement the cloud delivery model of your choosing..

Thinking Pre-deployment

Your hybrid cloud infrastructure needs to support the workload demands of connected data and devices. It also needs the ability to connect systems and applications across your organization, while leveraging your existing technology investment.

Here too, BloxDB Advisory Services can help you select the right hybrid cloud solutions to ensure greater flexibility, capacity and efficiency as well as accessibility, security and speed.

Whether you’re launching a mobile application, scaling game servers, serving ad units or hosting an e-commerce site, BloxDB has the IT resources you need—when you need them. Automated API generators based on OpenAPI standards allow you to deploy high-performance servers (robust bare metal servers and agile virtual servers) as well as on-demand services for robust networking, storage and security. BloxDB works for as long as you need it to, across an ever-expanding, secure global network and leverages over a dozen cloud providers dynamically globally.

Businesses are under tremendous pressure to create new value for their customers, with an increasing proportion of business innovation delivered through software. Yet businesses are finding that traditional approaches to software development and delivery are not sufficient.

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