Docker Virtualization Solutions

Micro-Service virtualization lets your team automate integration testing much earlier in the development life-cycle of complex application environments. Test automation helps you address quality challenges common to highly complex and integrated applications. Automated and continuous testing helps you avoid testing bottlenecks so you can quickly deliver high-quality applications to market.

BloxDB Test Virtualization

This solution can be used to stub out any systems unsuitable or unavailable for functional, integration or performance testing. Save time and avoid configuration errors by deploying and replacing virtual services without having to reconfigure the original application environment.

BloxDB Test Workbench

Deliver comprehensive test automation for mobile and traditional applications. This solution allows you to set up functional/regression testing, technology integration testing, and performance and scalability testing to address a range of enterprise needs.

  • Improve Deployment – Design full-stack application environments and application deployment processes.

  • Enhanced Resiliency – Deploy application environments across multiple clouds with speed and consistency.

  • Anywhere Access – Assure consistency in application changes across every environment in the delivery pipeline, from development to production.

  • High Availability Standards – Maintain visibility and control throughout the pipeline.

Continuous Release & Deployment Hybrid Cloud.

Delivering quality applications with speed and quality requires a number of capabilities: deployment automation, release coordination and the visibility and governance of changes through all stages of the delivery pipeline, to name a few. BloxDB has an excellent set of hybrid cloud-ready release and deployment solutions.

The Challenges of Hybrid Management

Deploying a hybrid solution is an opportunity to develop new IT skills and responsibilities. Learning how to operate new software and system components always requires a little bit of determination to start. Being able to script, for example, is a skill you’ll need to drive automation and pattern identification. For most IT leaders, these and other types of challenges will be new, but solvable.

BloxDB has a portfolio of cloud management solutions made to help ease the deployment and management of workloads into a hybrid cloud environment. These solutions work together to accelerate delivery of innovative services and simplify control of virtualized environments.

Kubernetes Professional Services

Businesses looking to work nimbly often rely on private cloud. But unless that cloud is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), you’re not getting full value out of it. Traditional methods for implementing an automated private cloud using PaaS can take up to months. With BloxDB Kubernetes Professional Services, you can cut time down to nearly nothing.

Implementing a modular infrastructure with automated platform, application and pattern content will give you the foundation for a PaaS private cloud that can:

  • Accelerate time to market by reducing provisioning time with 250+
    automated patterns.
  • Reduce cost and simplify management of your hybrid cloud.
  • Manage compliance with security requirements.
  • Be managed by BloxDB on premises or remotely, based on your business needs.

Managing individual hybrid cloud tasks is relatively easy with the variety of tools and custom scripts available. Coordinating these tasks and automating entire processes across hybrid environments, however, can be significantly more challenging.

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