AI Database Technology.

BloxDB database products provide info-sec, indemnification and warranty for data loss, state of the art performance at lower cost of operation than mySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and many other popular SQL back-ends

  • Hybrid cloud based – distributed computing model

  • Any number of devices – autonomy for IoT and drones

  • Single sign-in – oAuth 2.0, Kerberos, PKI, and LDAP support

  • Disaster recovery – Use a database that knows how to recover automatically

  • Access from anywhere – 100% device support

  • Real-time backups – fire and forget reliability for rapid recovery

  • Alert push – multi codec and real-time for networks in one tool set



Advanced monitoring strategies are standard in BloxDB, and helps identify irregular issues in the fingerprinting check. BloxDB uniquely can sense changes in the relationship between users and devices from a many-to-many model to a one-to-many model. Designed to scale from 1000s of queries to over a million queries per second with blockchain precision.  BloxDB support for platforms like Amazon, IBM, HP, Google Compute.


Kubernetes provides organizations with a consistent way to manage any computing infrastructure. BloxDB is a complete platform for managing Kubernetes, data, and auto-scaling wherever your organization deploys it.

BloxDB fits easily into your existing IT infrastructure and processes. SNMP support connects instances securely with your management and monitoring tools.  Monitor smartphone and cloud data synchronicity in one platform.

Runs on Windows, Red Hat/CentOS, Ubuntu, Amazon Linux, Linux on z Systems, LinuxONE, or Linux on Power Systems and popular cloud container services like GKE, AKS or EKS